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Driving school Marco van Biljouw (driving school MB)

Driving school Marco van Biljouw (driving school MB) trains for the driving license B. The driving training can be offered in the form of individual lesson hours or a compact course where you can of course determine the pace yourself. The lessons are given in phases, which means that the instruction parts are treated step by step, with all progress being tracked on your personal lesson card. With the points for attention that emerge on the lesson card, we can get started and practice more specifically so that you know exactly what still needs to be done.

Free trial lesson?

Interested in a free trial lesson at our Marco van Biljouw driving school (MB driving school)? Sign up immediately for a free trial lesson and get in the car with us this week.

Tailor-made driving lessons​

Driving school Marco van Biljouw is familiar with the R.I.S driving license step-by-step plan where you learn to drive a car step by step. We help you get on the road prepared. Knowing more?

Which car?

We are currently driving in Mitshubishi. Our car is manual transmission. Do you want to know more about our car? View the specifications of the car on this page.​


Are you about to drive off? Then it is necessary to authorize us as a driving school, to be able to apply for your driving test. Apply directly? Click below to authorize us.​

Need a medical report?

Even if you have been invited by the examination institute CBR to take a driving test on the basis of a medical report, you have come to the right place at Marco van Biljouw. For this driving test you sometimes need an approved school car. It is advisable to book a date with the CBR in consultation with us. This ensures that you have an approved school car at your disposal during the driving test.

We advise you to take a refresher lesson in advance, so that you can get used to our training car (Mitsubishi ASX) and we can show you what is expected of you during your driving test. At the end, we evaluate the lesson with you and give you free advice. Driving school Marco van Biljouw believes that students with autism have the same chance of getting their driver’s license as anyone else. The road to the exam will just be different. By means of attention and skills, every student is trained to be a responsible driver.

What do our customers think?​

  • Sander van Ash: ‘I would say … I really enjoyed it. The lessons were loose, but you knew what you were talking about despite the experience I thought I had, I have become a lot wiser and will remember your lessons.’
  • Janny van der Wacht: ‘Despite the fact that others did not understand me and I really thought that driving a car would not be for me, by understanding and taking the time for me, you managed to get me to continue.’
  • Ron Brouwers: ‘Thank you for your endless patience, the driver’s license was within reach for me too, you said, and indeed your prediction came true, although I started the exam with nodding knees, kicked into the training.’

Driving lesson

  • 60 minute driving lessons​​

Interim test​

  • Including pick up / home delivery​

Practical exam​

  • Official exam at the CBR

B.N.O.R. exam

  • Performance anxiety

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